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It’s true. Just like the legendary SAS, who are always on standby, bodyguards for hire in London can be found and employed at any time, all-year-round; if you know where to look.

But, before carrying out a quick online search, and then firing off an e-mail or grabbing your Smartphone, what are the key things to consider when looking to hire a personal bodyguard, or two, or maybe even three (like the prudent little pooch pictured did!) for an event?

Anyone seeking a personal bodyguard in London, Manchester, or Birmingham, for a one-off occasion, a series of dates, a full UK tour perhaps, or maybe even for an exclusive red carpet event, would be wise not to simply go for the cheapest option (really, don’t do that), but to take some time to think it all through:

  • Is there a direct threat against you, or do you simply have a general safety concern here?
  • If you’ve used close protection services before, what are your reflections on that experience? How would you do things differently this time around?
  • When browsing a local bodyguard firm’s website, does it all look and feel professional? Do they seem to know what they’re talking about (using industry-specific terminology, coming across as genuinely knowledgeable)?
  • For how long have they been operating?
  • Do they include a (bricks and mortar) head office address, as well as being findable online?
  • Is there testimonials from satisfied (albeit usually Anonymous) clients? Note: Most clients wouldn’t want their details/photos included on a close protection services website, for various reasons.


  • What are people saying about this bodyguard company on social media?
  • Do they keep their clients’ details private? If their site is positively awash with photos of personnel actually ‘on the job’ protecting their clients, that’s usually a sign of a cowboy operation, and is therefore best avoided.
  • Are they licensed?
  • Are they insured?
  • Have you also extended your search beyond local service providers? Casting your net wider might prove a master-stoke, finding you a personal bodyguard supplier that ticks absolutely every box.

Make an informed decision

Sure, many of those listed questions you’ll need to ask over the phone, or in a face-to-face meeting. When doing so – as you gather information towards making an informed decision – look to see how transparent the service provider is, how willing they are to gladly answer your questions.

If they seem evasive and/or guarded (excuse the pun!), and reluctant to share details, such as when they were established, about fees, office location,

and training and qualifications of personnel, ask yourself why?

“A bodyguard prone to hiding? Err, no thanks.”

A rock-solid reliable and legit’ set up won’t have anything to hide. They’ll have no cause to be hesitant when communicating key info – crucial details that, don’t forget, could prove to be the difference between an event going without a hitch (personal security-wise) or things going wrong, badly wrong.

Your two main priorities here are likely to be 1) Experience/a track record of success, and 2) Cost. OK, maybe you’re not rich. Perhaps you’re not a celebrity, in all likelihood will never be one, or celebrity status is the last thing you crave; but you still have a requirement for professional personal protection at an event, and need the services of a specialist bodyguard firm, right? Right. The good news is that close personal protection doesn’t cost the earth. And, like when spending money on any service or product, it pays to shop around.

Protect your hard-earned cash (as well as your body)! Always compare quotes

Once you’ve drawn up a shortlist of your top three personal bodyguard hire firms, then get, say, three quotes. Upon making your final decision and booking all the security you need ready for the big night or the big day (or, as aforesaid, for an entire tour, taking weeks or months!), you’ll feel so much better for having done your homework. Promise.

For myriad reasons, we live in dangerous, increasingly unpredictable times. Financial outlay on the right personal protection is unquestionably

money well spent.

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