A business event is a fantastic opportunity for every company. It is a chance to communicate with business partners and clients and present new products and offers. However, organizing an event is a task that requires a lot of planning. One of the vital elements of every event is security. Your guests need to feel safe, just as your staff needs to be safe. One of the options at your disposal is to hire Security Industry Authority professionals. With that in mind, here are five reasons to hire SIA security guards for your business event or even for securing your office building.

What is SIA security?

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SIA is the leading provider of global security services. They have over 1,200 member companies representing the top security leaders and experts in the security industry. They strive to expand globally and become one of the world’s best security associations.

Why hire SIA security guards?

Hiring personal security services is not always the easiest thing to do. You want to pick the best in the business so everyone feels safe and protected. SIA is the obvious best choice, because:

  • they follow best practices and safety protocols;
  • the company provides the best services;
  • they are flexible and customer-oriented;
  • the service comes with the proper guidance in case of an emergency;
  • the company is well-respected in the security industry;
Hiring a professional security agency will provide safety for all guests of your event.

1. The best practices and safety protocols

When working on the image of your company, one of the best marketing tips for brand awareness is always to promote safety. One of the reasons to work with the SIA agency is because they always follow the latest security protocols.

Everything needs to go perfect, whether you are hosting an event, a party, or a business launch. Everyone’s safety should be your primary concern. However, all people are different, and they act differently in social situations. An SIA professional is trained to spot a potential security threat and quickly act to prevent it. Even if the incident happens, it is crucial that everyone follows the correct protocols.

2. Best security service providers

SIA provides services for both indoor and outdoor events. It does not matter what type of event it is; their professional security is equipped to deal with any type of situation.

Because they strive to provide the best security services, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your guests. You can spend all your time on other organizational tasks and ensure that your guests are taken care of.

SIA security agency is using the latest technologies for providing security services.
SIA security agency is using the latest technologies for providing security services.

3. The security comes with flexibility

The beauty of a professional security agency is that they are not just bodyguards. Even though problems of physical nature come first to mind, there are other, softer issues that SIA agents can handle. This, for example, includes engaging with customers, helping them find what they need, or directing them to key areas. They also provide basic first-aid care, crowd control, and emergency evacuation. If we talk about face-to-face marketing that usually occurs at business events, the guests want to feel welcomed, safe, and pleasant.

Because SIA agents and stadium event stewards are well trained in multiple areas of expertise, they provide a huge amount of flexibility.

4. SIA is a guide in case of emergency

Handling challenging security situations is difficult on its own. If you add panic and fear that quickly spreads, the situation becomes even more problematic to manage. However, because SIA security agents have high knowledge of safety protocols, they also become guides for your guests.

When an emergency situation happens, it is crucial to keep calm. Trained professionals will ensure that the guests are calm and follow the correct evacuation procedures.

5. The company is well-respected in the security industry

SIA agents are trained and licensed professionals. Their training is comprehensive and not at all easy to complete. Because of that, their employees are the most respected in the business, and they hold a high professional status.

Furthermore, they have around 250,000 security agents at their disposal. If we consider that the UK has approximately 160,000 police officers on active duty, the number of 250,000 sure looks impressive.

How does private security reflect on your business?

Now that you understand why SIA is the best in the business let’s talk about the other benefits of hiring a professional security agency. While the safety of the guests is the top priority, this also builds the company image.

As someone who promotes safety, you are showing everyone what is truly important. Security costs money, and you are hiring the best agency to keep everyone safe.

By hiring a professional agency to focus on the safety of your guests, you are creating more free time for yourself to focus on the guests and the event.
By hiring a professional agency to focus on the safety of your guests, you are creating more free time for yourself to focus on the guests and the event.

That alone will send the right message to your customers and business partners. They now know your company values their safety. This is how you create a trustworthy relationship and build a strong network of highly valued connections.

Best practices for organizing a business event

As a cherry on top, let’s talk about a couple of best practices for organizing a business event.

The first thing to consider is the location. Are you hosting an event outside or indoors? This will tell you a lot about the level of security you need. Second, is this a large event or a small one? The number of guests will directly affect the number of Event Marshals. And third, who will be coming to the event? Are you hosting guests you know, or are you organising an open event where anyone could come? This is a common situation when hosting an event to market new products or services. You will see a lot of unfamiliar faces, so it is crucial to take care of everyone’s safety.

Hire SIA security guards so everyone feels safe

And there you have it. These five reasons to hire SIA security guards for your business event should be more than enough to reach the decision. The best course of action is to have a consultation with the agency about the safety needs of your event. Tell them about your organisation, and they will tell you what level of security is a requirement. Best of luck in hosting a safe event for your business!