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Hiring Event Marshals in the UK is quick, easy and affordable. But do you really need them?


Event Marshalls. We’ve all seen them.

Hire Event Marshals

Festival Event Marshals

We’ve all felt comforted by seeing them. Some of us have wondered what it’s like to be one. And one or two of us have actually become one! Yep. Hired Event Marshals are pretty hard to miss. Maybe it’s got something to do with those Hi-Vis jackets they wear, at all types and sizes of events!

Secure your event (and feel SO much better)

OK, compared to the big stars strutting up there on the stage before an audience of thousands, Event Marshals may seem merely on the periphery, ‘fluorescent friends’ quietly getting on with their jobs, largely unobtrusive individuals who are part of an organised team, whilst simultaneously being aware of their individual responsibility; but, make no mistake, without Event Marshals, there ain’t no event. And we don’t just mean at major concerts:


  • Sports tournaments and league matches
  • Political rallies
  • Trade union conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences
  • Trade Fairs

As well as:

  • Corporate get-togethers
  • Festivals & Fairs
  • Specifically themed private and public occasions, where a big turnout is anticipated
  • Instances involving particular traffic flow considerations


… All require Event Marshals; and if you’re fortunate enough to have attended any of the aforementioned happenings, you’ll have seen Event Marshals for hire, felt reassured by their presence, and maybe even been helped by them?

Event Marshals trained to follow best practices and safety protocols

“Whilst I always enjoy being an Event Marshal, I’m aware that my role comes with quite of a lot of responsibility,” explains Claire an Event Marshal in London. “After all, anything can happen at a summer festival, an important business conference, or at a themed corporate event, sometimes where thousands of people can be in attendance. My job is to play my part in ensuring that everything runs smoothly, from the moment the first attendee arrives, to when the last one leaves, heading safely for home.”


Personal Bodyguard 24/7 can boast an extensive database of trained Event Marshals

“There’s more to being an Event Marshal than ‘just’ checking tickets, believe me!” explains Shane, an Event Marshal in Manchester. “I mean, sometimes, as an Event Marshal prepared to do whatever’s asked of me, I might purely be there to collect feedback from visitors after the event, circulating the venue gathering feedback forms, that sort of thing.”


“It’s not all high octane, adrenaline-fuelled rapid reaction stuff, no,” agrees Leon, an Event Marshal in Birmingham. “I did once assist in the evacuation of an attendee during a real medical emergency, though. I’m particularly proud of that, especially when we learned later that the lady was fine.”

Event Marshals and event security must be confident in engaging with people, and have an understanding of event attendees’ expectations. But they don’t do piggybacks. Sorry!

Just by reading Claire, Shane and Leon’s descriptions of life as an Event Marshal, it’s clear that Event Marshal excellence goes beyond giving out wristbands at a local half-marathon, or directing guests to their seats at a twinned town annual celebration at a local indoor or outdoor venue. Without Event Marshals, who would attendees look for and turn to as a crucial contact point when needing urgent assistance? How would ticket holders know which designated area to head for to see their favourite band upon arriving at Glastonbury?

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And, no, before you ask, sorry, Event Marshals for hire are great guys but they can’t really give you a piggyback across a rock festival muddy field! Just remember to pack your Wellies. Oh, and opt for a backpack over a suitcase, perhaps?

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