Hire SIA Security Staff for Private and Public Events – and look forward to enjoying Security Peace of Mind

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) was created in 2001 and is now more necessary than ever.

Here’s why…

Hire SIA Security Staff

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SIA is the leading provider of global security services. They have over 1,200 member companies representing the top security leaders and experts in the security industry. They strive to expand globally and become one of the world’s best security associations.

Whatever the group event, or whoever the individual requiring professional protection, ensuring private security to an exemplary standard means involving the SIA – an established organisation with a reputation for getting security right. If you’re considering a career move into private security, getting licensed is a no brainer. In fact, an SIA licence is compulsory for most security jobs.

Don’t believe us? Check this out:

You must check if someone has the correct security licence before hiring them for private security work. If they don’t, you must make sure they get training and a licence.

Search the register of Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence holders, to check whether someone has a licence to be a:

  • security guard
  • bouncer (sometimes known as a ‘door supervisor’)
  • bodyguard (sometimes known as a ‘close protection operative’)
  • CCTV operator or to work in public space surveillance
  • key holder
  • guard who transports cash and valuables
  • in Northern Ireland, a worker who clamps, moves (and releases) vehicles

Source: GOV.UK

The demand for reliable, licensed security staff is increasing

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Hire SIA Security Staff

Hire SIA security staff: professional, licensed security personnel with a wealth of experience, and thoroughly versed in event security best practice and protocols. Get a trusted team of seasoned pros, not unlicensed amateurs (they could be anybody). Look forward to employing calm, experienced individuals trained not to panic – always aware and primed to react, but never to overreact. That’s exactly what you need when paying for professional protection for individuals, corporate clients, security in the political arena, and even at charity sector events; because, quite frankly, you just don’t know where the next threat may emanate from.

ONLY hire SIA Security Staff who are licensed and fully insured

The reality of security is that you can’t control absolutely everything. But what you can do is apply a 100 per cent laser focus to controllable aspects. In the realm of personal security, that means being ready for anything. An established security company will offer a wide range of services, with SIA licensed staff for hire all understanding that no two events are ever the same.

The provision of security personnel to private clients and businesses, in a vast array of industries

Hire SIA Security staff and look forward to getting professionals who actually seem rather relaxed (!), and then find that you relax as a consequence, feeling comforted, safe in the knowledge that you’re in the company of unflappable individuals who’ve absolutely got your back: you’re in safe hands, you’re sorted. And that’s not all…

Smart move: only employing security staff who’ve been vetted

Also feel good yourself that you’ve done the right thing by your client, your family, your staff… by being prepared to invest wisely, to not cut corners, opting to only hire SIA security staff who 1) can show you their licences, 2) unquestionably know their responsibilities, and 3) have a proven track record, a history of providing protection to the highest standards WHATEVER THE EVENT.

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