Client: Female Invest
Security Provider: Personal Bodyguard 24/7
Objective: Provide seamless security and logistical support for Female Invest’s brand activation in London.


Personal Bodyguard 24/7, a leader in providing top-tier security services, partnered with Female Invest for a high-impact guerrilla marketing campaign in London. The campaign featured a giant pink hourglass installation aimed at raising awareness about the financial gender gap. Personal Bodyguard’s role was to ensure the security and smooth execution of this campaign across multiple locations.

Campaign Execution:

Personal Bodyguard 24/7 deployed their SIA certified security personnel to safeguard the installation and the people involved. The campaign took place at several prominent locations in London, including:

  • Bank Station
  • Liverpool Street Station
  • Tower Bridge
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Victoria Embankment
  • Kings Cross Station
  • Camden Market

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Objectives and Strategy:

The primary objective was to ensure the safety and security of the installation and participants while facilitating the smooth transportation and assembly of the hourglass. Personal Bodyguard’s strategy involved a proactive and meticulous approach to security and logistics.


  1. On-Site Security:
  1. SIA certified security staff were present at all times to oversee the installation and protect the public.
  2. The security team managed crowd control, ensuring a safe and engaging environment for public interaction.
  1. Logistical Support:
  1. The security team was responsible for transporting the hourglass between locations, ensuring it arrived safely and on time.
  2. The team handled the storage, assembly, and implementation of the hourglass quickly and efficiently, without requiring external assistance.


The campaign progressed smoothly throughout the day, with no security incidents or logistical issues. The efficient work of Personal Bodyguard’s team ensured that the hourglass was safely transported and assembled at each location within minutes. Their presence contributed significantly to the overall success and impact of the campaign.


Personal Bodyguard’s involvement provided peace of mind for Female Invest, allowing them to focus on engaging with the public and spreading their message. The security team’s expertise in managing high-profile events was instrumental in the flawless execution of this campaign.


Personal Bodyguard demonstrated their capability to deliver high-quality security and logistical support for large-scale marketing campaigns. Their collaboration with Female Invest not only ensured the safety of the installation but also enhanced the overall efficiency and success of the campaign.

Client Testimonial:

“Personal Bodyguard provided exceptional security and logistical support during our brand activation. Their professionalism and efficiency allowed us to focus on our campaign’s message without any concerns about safety or logistics. We are extremely satisfied with their service.” – Female Invest

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