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Hiring close protection guards in a pandemic

Hire Personal Bodyguard London
Close Protection Guards for High Profile

Whether you’re a politician, a VIP from overseas, an event organiser, a film star, or you’re simply a private businessperson seeking professional protection. Hiring only qualified and licenced close protection officers during the COVID-19 crisis could prove a CRITICAL DECISION

Hiring close protection officers has never been more important

It isn’t only world leaders who require exceptional bodyguard protection. FACT. Whoever you are, engaging the services of registered close protection officers, rather than just ‘any hired muscle’, is essential when required. But perhaps never more so than now, during a contagion catastrophe that has practically paralysed our planet.

Expert close protection services involves more than providing a strong yet discreet and non-invasive presence at an indoor or outdoor event, or during travel to and from venues. Much more. Remember, close protection invariably begins before officers arrive at location, on time and appropriately attired. Complex preparation can go into devising an unassailable security strategy, to ensure that the client is kept 100 per cent safe over the entire duration of the mission, not just during that big ‘red carpet’ moment.

Hire close protection guards through Personal Bodyguard 24/7 and look forward to being assisted in several ways. The pressure is taken off you, freeing you to relax and enjoy yourself – your personal safety and that of your family, property and assets (if applicable) being proficiently taken care of by industry veterans who always know exactly what they’re doing.

COVID-19? Enjoy PEACE OF MIND by choosing a proven protection firm

Developing close protection expertise comes from years of experience, dealing with all sorts of situations calmly and efficiently, and always being prepared for the unexpected. From a riot suddenly breaking out, to an unhinged individual somewhere deciding to make a name for themselves (to get on the evening News… to “finally be somebody”…) Personal Bodyguard 24/7 professionals have seen it all, done it all, and successfully thwarted every threat.

What’s more, we’re also forging a reputation now for being

the UK’s No.1 choice for COVID-19 crisis close protection services

personalbodyguard247.com’s male and female close protection officers are specially trained to provide maximised security, whilst simultaneously respecting social distancing policy, and all other Coronavirus-related governmental guidelines. Over the past few months, it’s been a challenge that our guys have risen to and relished, augmenting their training and amplifying their experience, making them even better at their jobs. And not ‘just’ here in the UK…

Acquiring vital local knowledge through painstaking research

Local governmental guidelines can differ from country to country, don’t forget; that’s why our  accomplished officers are fully versed in this regard before travelling overseas – when given clearance – to carry out a close protection assignment. Even better, amongst our team are qualified medics capable of dealing with a Coronavirus emergency situation in the first instance, before the specialist medics can take over. It’s not about luck. And it’s not about being some kind of lantern-jawed, biceps-rippling super-hero in a sharp suit. It’s about meticulous preparation, intelligent thinking, checking and double-checking even the most seemingly inconsequential detail… And it’s about being aware of new and emerging threats, as well as long-recognised ones.

Hiring close protection officers needn’t mean guards at close proximity

You need professional protection, but you’re worried about near proximity at your property or at a hotel or other premises perhaps? We totally get that. And you’ll be relieved to discover that our close protection officers are trained to keep clients super-safe ‘from a distance’ (in another room, along a corridor, in the grounds of a sprawling estate late at night…), being on standby, ready to react immediately and effectively should the need ever arise.



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Hire Prestige Cars with Chauffeur Bodyguard

Chauffeur Bodyguard Hire London

Our personal bodyguards are qualified to work  round the clock providing chauffeur’s service for Actors, Musicians and VIP clients for your special events.

Hire Prestige Car with Chauffeur

We provide Luxury vehicle transportation at your request. There is a minimum 2 day rate minimum for prestige car hire and personal close protection.

Our rage or vehicles include:

Hire Mercedes S-Class with Bodyguard Chauffeur

Chauffeur and Prestige car Hire London

Hire Range Rover Sport 3.0 with Bodyguard Chauffeur

Hire Range Rover Sport Personal Bodyguard Chauffeur

Bentley Hire Flying Spur with Chauffeur

Bentley Hire Flying Spur with Chauffeur

Call now : 0203 092 2153 or contact Personal Bodyguard 27/4 to book a personal chauffeur

Private Personal Bodyguard

Become a Private Personal Bodyguard Central London

Or feel safer in the capital, by hiring a London personal bodyguard

Personal Bodyguard Central London

There’s more private personal bodyguards in London, than anywhere else in Britain. The melting pot that is teeming London is England’s, and Britain’s, most populous city. Add to that the millions of tourists who eagerly flock to our capital city each year, and we’re talking about an awful lot of folk. They all need to eat somewhere, sleep somewhere… and also to feel safe, with some requiring an enhanced level of protection. That’s why demand for close protection bodyguard services in London is always so high, which is good news for bodyguards, and also for those looking to pursue that line of work. Is that you?

Protection against direct and general threats

Whether a client resides in London, or is visiting for an event, if they have a need for personal protection from a direct threat, or due to having a general safety concern, they need to know that their close protection team is up to scratch. But what does that mean exactly? What’s expected of a licensed and insured personal bodyguard, be they male or female? And how did they even get to become a professional personal bodyguard in Central London in the first place? Can you only become a professional protector if you’ve got a strong background, in, say, the police, the military, in corporate or civilian protection, or in martial arts instruction?

What it takes (and what it doesn’t)

Lots of people, both men and women, want to break into the personal protection field, but not everyone is the right fit. It takes more than muscles, Ray-bans and a smart suit. As well as looking the part, you need to have ‘the right stuff’ in terms of temperament, flexibility, the ability to work alone or in a team…

Team of Bodyguards Hire

The best course of action for any wannabe bodyguard is to enrol upon a formal course of training: Security Industry Authority (SIA)-approved training. That’s not just optional, it’s essential, and it has certainly proved to be an excellent choice made by many people across the UK who are now working regularly in the private personal protection field, and earning a fair wage while they’re at it. And it does need to be a justly paid job: you’re risking life and limb professionally protecting someone else, after all.

Protection. It’s not what you think. Actually, that’s exactlywhat it is!

Those hiring bodyguards (usually an agency rather than clients themselves) will be looking to see if you’ve undertaken professional protection training and have all your paperwork in order, in terms of your CV, qualifications and a license: to become a bodyguard in the UK, you need to have been granted a close protection license by the SIA.

Be in no doubt, background checks will be thorough. You’ll also be expected to carry yourself with the right demeanour, to be intelligent, and to show some good old common sense when needed! What’s more, ask yourself this: have you got it about you to show initiative should the need suddenly arise, or are you someone who’s only comfortable taking direction from others, with being left to make critical decisions yourself (often in highly pressurised situations) seeing you stressing big time, caught up in a maelstrom of confusion and anxiety as you quietly flounder in your own personal panic zone?

Sure good health and physical strength is important, but don’t you think it’s fascinating how so much of this is all in the mind? When it comes to making a success of working as a personal private bodyguard Central London clients use regularly, it’s not all about background, brawn, and black belts; it’s about the brain too — about how you think.

Have a think!


Hire Bodyguard Toady

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Hire London Protection

Hire London Protection

Hire London protection personal bodyguards 24 hours daily. Our high profile personal bodyguard services covers all London and UK areas including Knightsbridge, Kensington, Mayfair and Chelsea to name a few.

Knightsbridge London Personal Bodyguard Hire

We work on your schedule and allocate a bodyguard accordingly. As our personal bodyguards are trained and well experienced at what they do we keep our clients coming back for our services. Our operation hours are 24 hours bodyguard protection services for all clients. Weather you are VIP, Actor or musician you can rely on personal Bodyguard 24/7 to manage your entire trip.

Travelling Bodyguard Protection

London Protection Bodyguard Hire

You could have a tour or very important meeting abroad and you require a personal bodyguard. Our guards will stick with you throughout the whole journey ensuring maximum protection.

Call now: 0203 092 2153 or contact us to book a personal bodyguard.

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